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What is At-Rest Encryption?

Data at-rest refers to data that is not "moving". For example, the files uploaded to 13documents.com is considered data at-rest. This is data which is not immediately moving from the 13 Documents servers. While this data awaits download and ultimately, secure deletion, the data is at-rest.

Conversely, data moving through networks, or from computer-to-computer, is considered to not be data at-rest. Files being actively uploaded to 13documents.com is not at-rest and therefore must be secured using TLS/SSL security.


Using GnuPG Public Key Encryption

13 Documents provides strong data encryption using GnuPG public key encryption. Public key encryption allows 13 Documents to encrypt the contents of an uploaded file without the ability to decrypt the file. Only the Trusteeship using the private key may decrypt the file. This ensures the files which pass through 13 Documents are safe and secure during each phase of document transfer.

An analogy to public key encryption is that of a locked mailbox with a mail slot. The mail slot can be considered the file upload, and the mailbox is the encrypted at-rest storage of the file. Only the [private] key can unlock the mailbox to retrieve the file. The [private] key is held only by the Trusteeship.

Would You Like to Know More?

For more information on how 13 Documents protects your privacy and secures debtor Personally Identifiable Information (PII) using PGP encryption, send an e-mail to info at 13documents.com with your questions.

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